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HR Management

Human resource management is the strategic approach to the effective and efficient management of people in a company or organization such that they help their business gain a competitive advantage. It is designed to maximize employee performance in service of an employer's strategic objectives.

Workshops Management

Management Training definition. Management training is training activity that focuses on improving an individual's skills as a leader and manager. There may be an emphasis on soft skills, such as communication and empathy, which enable better team work and more progressive relationships with the people they manage.

Election Management

A critical element in maintaining election integrity is sound management of elections by a credible election management body. To be credible, the electoral administration must be impartial and have the institutional capacity to hold free and fair elections.

Digital Media Management

Digital Media Management is the process of bringing together all of the components of a digital production. ... Digital media managers will manage the platforms and prices and make sure that as many viewers as possible get to see the production.

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Dr. Madhuri Panmand

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Bhanudas Panmand